Maple Syrup Grading



There are two different classifications for maple syrup: The American classification and the Canadian classification, this can sometimes cause a small amount of confusion if you have producers or buyers from different country talking about maple syrup or even for the customers.

Maple Syrup is classified using 3 grades containing several color classes.  The only difference between the American and Canadian classification is the terminology.  The American system call these Grade (A, B and C) whilst the Canadian system uses number (No.1, No.2 and No.3).

The classification is based on the translucence of the maple syrup, which means the amount of light that is transmitted through the maple syrup sample.  Producers use a light transmittance meter tool to classify the maple syrup. The percent of light transmission is compared to light transmission rates set for different grades and the maple syrup is then graded.

In order to be classified each sample of maple syrup must meet the following requirements:
a) must not ferment;
b) must have a clear and uniform colour;
d) must have a maple flavour that is typical of its colour grade, and be free of any unpleasant odours or flavours.

Here are the different maple syrup grades:


Grade A Light Amber (US Classification)

No.1 Extra light (Canadian Classification)

Light transmission is more than 75% with a subtle taste and the color is slightly golden with a very mild and delicate maple flavour.



Grade A Medium Amber (US Classification)

No.1 light (Canadian Classification)

Light transmission is between 60.5% and 74% with a subtle taste and the color is golden with a mild and sweet maple flavour.



Grade A Dark Amber (US Classification )

No.1 Medium (Canadian Classification)

Light transmission is between 44% and 60.4% with a typical maple taste and the color is amber with a mild and sweet maple flavour. This is the typical maple syrup used on pancakes, cooking, etc.



Grade B (US Classification )

No.2 Amber (Canadian Classification)

Light transmission is between 27% and 43.9% with a strong and pronounced maple taste.  The color is dark. This maple syrup taste is too bold to use as normal table maple syrup but can be used for cooking and baking.



Grade C (US Classification)

No.3 Dark (Canadian Classification)

Light transmission is less than 26.9% with a full-flavored, slightly caramelized maple syrup taste. It is only used as commercial ingredients and the color is very dark.

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