Top Quality Maple Syrup vs Cheaper Maple Syrup

So, I hear that you're looking for delicious maple syrup and of course, you don't want to pay too much for it. Is that right?

All maple syrup is created equal, at the beginning...

Making maple syrup is hard work and a lifetime of passion and experience can certainly help to produce first quality maple syrup. The equipment used is particularly important and will play a huge part in the maple syrup taste, colour and mineral composition. However, the taste you'll get is mostly determined by the forest.

Maple syrup sap is alive

Maple sap is made from water sourced in the soil which is drawn by the roots of the tree upward by negative pressure and sent through the tree's trunks to branches and then buds every spring. It's composed of a few hundred minerals, antioxidants, and different sugars to feed the bloom for the new approaching season. The sugars present in the sap are stored in the tree roots and are a blend of 10 summers of photosynthesis activity. Isn't that fascinating?

That is why the forest, its soil, maple trees and companion trees are the most important part of maple syrup production. The trees are alive and they provide us with living sap. Our forest is our greatest partner, and taking care of it is over 80% of our workload, 10 months a year.


Now that you know why sap and the forest are so primordial in maple syrup's taste, you can understand why blending maple syrup is a capital sin for us. Unless you buy maple syrup from a local producer (like us!), the maple syrup sold to you is in most cases sold to the supermarket by the big packers, not local ones.

The difference? To save cost, big packers will blend maple syrup from hundreds of producers, from multiple crops. They will also balance taste and colour to get a uniform-looking syrup but this lowers the quality and of course, you taste the difference. Unfortunately, they do that to reduce their cost and improve their margins on their blends, which in our opinion is unthinkable.

Our message to you: Get behind your local producers, buy locally when available and if not, we are there for you! Find our authentic maple syrup right here; made with the greatest respect for tradition! 

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