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Quality Statement

MapleSyrupWorld.com provides a selection of handpicked high quality well-priced maple products.  All our products contain 100% pure maple syrup.  It's maple syrup and only maple syrup. 


MapleSyrupWorld Siropro Certification

SIROPRO Certification :

SIROPRO is the official quality certification of the Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec. It guarantees the authenticity of maple syrup as well as its adherence to classification standards for flavour and colour. It also provides consumers with a standard of quality (via product specifications) and gives maple producers a certified quality control system.

MapleSyrupWorld HACCP. Certification

HACCP Certification :

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is a production control system for the food industry.  Every products sold by MapleSyrupWorld.com has been produced under HACCP Certification which ensure that we provide our customers with only the greatest quality.

MapleSyrupWorld Ecocert certification

Ecocert Certification :

Ecocert certification is an international organic certification body accredited to verify the conformity of organic products against the organic regulations.  All organic product sold by MapleSyrupWorld are certified organic, read our maple syrup organic description page to know everything the organic certification involves.


Kosher certification logo

Kosher Certification :

All the maple syrup and the organic maple syrup sold on MapleSyrupWorld is certified Kosher.  Kosher food is food that meets Jewish dietary laws, or kashrut, which comes from the Hebrew word for "fit" or "proper." Any food can be called kosher food if it adheres to Jewish law, or halacha.