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MapleSyrupWorld About Us

MapleSyrupWorld About Us

I'm a maple syrup lover and founder of MapleSyrupWorld.  I eat maple syrup with my cereal, meals (Salmon Gravlax with maple syrup anyone!), pancakes, fantastic french toast, my coffee and pretty much anything I can think of.  I grew up in the great region of Quebec, surrounded by maple farms and maple products. As a youngster, my brother and I would wait eagerly for February so all the family could take a trip to the sugar shack for a gargantuesque feast of ham, eggs, beans all topped with maple syrup and ending with sugar pie, maple syrup on snow and some horse sledging.

As an adult, I lived in Europe for 6 years and realized that even though maple syrup appeared on the shelf during season (lucky me!), it was difficult to find a reliable source throughout the year.  The same thing happened when I went to the United States and the western region of Canada.

This is how I got the idea for MapleSyrupWorld.  MapleSyrupWorld is a reliable source of 100% pure maple syrup.  You can access it 24/7, place your order and know that within a week (or faster) you’ll receive your delicious maple syrup, maple butter, maple sugar or maple candies. We pride ourselves in offering great maple products at the best price without sacrificing any quality.

Since I’m such a fan of maple syrup, I’m always trying new recipes.  So our second offering to our customers is a great repository of maple recipes. Asian cuisine, traditional French Canadian cuisine, fusion, desserts, soup, you name it!  We also invite you to submit your own maple recipe and we will publish it in our recipe section with the deserving credit to you (We’ll even send you a 10% coupon discount!) and you bet that I'll try it!

If you click on the maple news section, you'll be able to discover what's going on in the world of maple syrup: trends, gossip, research, season news, and new technologies.  We try to bring you the latest on maple syrup on a daily basis, hopefully you'll become as passionate as we are!

Got some suggestions or just want to drop me a mail, be my guest: Richard.

MapleSyrupWorld is based in Montreal, Canada.

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