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Maple Syrup Galone Bottle, 12 x bottles case, 250ml (8oz)

250ml / 8oz
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Maple Syrup Galone Bottle, 12 x bottles case, 250ml (8oz)

Product Description

Box of 12 Maple Syrup Galone Bottles. This beautiful tasting Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup is one of our finest Maple Syrups on the site. It is 250ml or 8oz of No.1 Pure Maple Syrup.  We pride ourselves on bringing to you this fantastic syrup from the finest Maple trees we could source. You can guarantee it is made from 100% pure natural maple syrup without any artificial ingredients. Why add anything else when our syrup is perfect as nature intended.

We bring this fine maple syrup to you in a highly attractive Galone Bottle. It has been hand-picked by our staff who know quality when they see it. This makes this syrup perfect to give as a gift or use as a luxury catering tool during events.  

Why not give this Maple Syrup a try, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Store in a cool and dark place. Heat and light can decrease the percentage of light transmission from bottled maple syrup and could affect the quality and the color of the syrup. Refrigerate after opening.

Maple syrup can be preserved for three years if specific storage conditions are applied (glass bottles and cans of metal), and two years when packaged in plastic jugs. Refrigerate after opening. The opened product can be kept up to 6 months.

We apply procedures to avoid cross-contamination between products with allergens and maple syrup. This product is not made with ingredients from genetically modified organisms.


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Made in Canada

Canadian owned & operated maple farm

Our unique location in the Eastern Townships (Quebec) provides our maple orchards with the clean air and pure water necessary for out trees to produce the purest maple sap. Maple Syrup World Farm gives consumers what they want:

Canadian maple products authenticity.


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