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Most maple syrup you find at the grocery store is sold by big packers. These guys buy a vast amount of drums from all over the country, some of it is good maple syrup but they will also get a discount for buying previous year maple syrup and maple syrup with defects, at a big discount.

Then, they proceed to blend the good maple syrup with the old and the defective maple syrup, they mix everything, and the defects become less detectable. These drums come from multiple farms that can be very far apart and from many vintage years.  That is the SINGLE reason why they can afford to sell you a can at $4.99, 5.99$ and 6.99$, you are buying cheap low-end maple syrup.

Our syrup is from this year vintage and come from a single day of boiling. You can taste 2 of our syrups and they will be both excellent, but the taste will vary based on the outdoor temperature and time of the season. We like to compare our syrup to a single blend whiskey, 1000 times better than a blend and more expensive.

In a single blend, you can taste the "terroir" behind the farm, the type of soil, the mountainous terrain, the various brooks and the care a family takes into making it and our expertise.

We are now organic certified and take great pride in the way we manage our woodlands. We have a vast diversity of trees, of all ages and we take great care of the wildlife and its diversity. We do our woodcutting ourselves and leave a part of the logs in the forest for food for future trees and insects.  Our forest is our crop and we take great care of it. You would immediately see the quality of the woodland while walking in it!  Please note, that we say our forest and not just our maple trees as it's an ecosystem, a whole.  The maple trees could not bloom without wild cherry trees, yellow birch trees, ash wood trees and many others. 



It is our pleasure to ship high quality syrup around the world.



All our maple syrup is artisan made by our family, on our own farm with love and passion

Maple Syrup World

Maple Tree Tapping

Tree tapping is one of the most crucial operations we do all year. Our maple trees are the most important part of the farm. They give us the unique sap required to make maple syrup and we need to treat them with respect, they will still be there in 30 years for the next generation!

Mathematics to the rescue

Each tree is tapped every year and we ensure everything is done to preserve the tree and prevent any long-term injury. We use a mathematics pattern to calculate the exact spot we are going to tap each year. This ensure the tree can keep growing and form enough healthy growth so that when we come back to tap in the same location 17 to 20 years, the previous tapping hole is completely covert by new growth.

We use special drill bit to tap the trees, these are only made for tapping trees. The recommended number of holes for each drill bit is 1000 and we change ours after 500 taps. Each drill bit is washed each lunch time and end of day with a special oil to keep it sharp and fresh.

We take great care into avoiding tapping a tree in any old injuries or dead spot. It would not be good for production and could harm furthermore the tree.

We use marking paint to spot the tapping hole and we change the color every year. It helps the tapper to follow the tapping pattern and prevent getting too close to an old tapping hole. It also adds a lot of colors to our forest!

Then, maple sap is collected with a tubing system, linking all our maple trees. These tubes connect to lines that take the sap, by gravity and vacuum, directly to the sugar shack.

These lines are extremely important and each one must have a negative slope toward the main sugar shack. We use electronic level to make sure the slope always as more than 1%. It can be a challenging job when we have line that run for more than 5000 feet!

Maple Syrup World

Maple Syrup Evaporation

The maple sap is collected into huge stainless-steel tank that can hold up to 6500 gallons. We have a total capacity to hold around 12 000 gallons, and we can have 3 times that amount in total sap collected in a single day!

The reverse osmosis comes to our rescue to reduce the amount of sap. Each gallon of sap goes through the reverse osmosis and we end up removing up to 85% of the water volume, we retain all the sugars and minerals present in the maple sap.

One of the most important aspects of achieving a high-quality maple syrup is sap preservation, we have developed an operational technique where most of our sap is boiled within 6 hours. This helps to preserve freshness, quality and ensure our maple syrup is as fresh as possible.

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art boiler, that can transform sap into maple syrup in less than 20 minutes. It's probably the most expensive piece of equipment we own and it's worth every penny we spent on it. One of the requirements of being an organic farm is that you can’t use any odd thing to wash your boiler. When boiling maple syrup, the minerals contains into the sap tend to accumulate at the bottom of the pans, creating what we call maple sands or maple rocks. With the extreme heat we are dealing with, the sand can become rock hard and its difficult to wash your pan. The easier solution is to use powerful acids to wash it off, being organic means, we can’t do this.

So, our boiler is equipped with an automatic water washing system. Every evening when our day of production is done, we completely empty the boiler and start the washing system. It uses permeate, the water created by the reverse osmosis machine, to wash the pans all night. Come morning and voila, the pans are completely clean without using any harmful chemicals!

Maple sap becomes maple syrup when it reaches a sugar content of 66%, also known as 66° Brix.

Maple Syrup World

Final product

Careful filtering and packing ensures high quality.

Then, the finished syrup is bottled, ready for your enjoyment on pancakes, yogurt, coffee or wherever you like.



Quality Statement provides a selection of handpicked high quality well-priced maple products. All our products contain only 100% pure maple syrup. It's maple syrup and only maple syrup.

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