2020 Maple Syrup price and new convention

20th May 2020

New convention for 2020 to 2022 for maple syrup

  • The new prices have been set for 3 years: 2020, 2021, 2022;
  • The price for golden, amber and dark will be increased every year;
  • Commercial maple syrup has now 3 new categories: VR41 (Anti-foaming), VR42 (smoke), VR43 (metal);
  • Organic maple syrup price will increase each year 0.01$;
  • For 2021 and 2022, an added 0.02$ per pound will be paid when producers deliver their maple syrup in stainless steel drums and only if they signed the lead;
  • Maple syrup with a lower than 7% luminosity will be paid 2.20$ per pound.
  • Maple syrup with a lower than 7% luminosity and VR13, VR14, VR4, VR42, VR43 will be paid 1.80$ per pound;

Maple syrup prices for 2020

  • Golden maple syrup: 2.98$ per pound.
  • Amber maple syrup: 2.94$ per pound.
  • Dark maple syrup: 2.87$ per pound.
  • Very dark maple syrup: 2.55$ per pound.

Bonus and penalty

  • Bonus for organic maple syrup: +0.20$ per pound.
  • Bonus for maple syrup delivered in stainless steel drum: 0.02$ per pound
  • Penalty for maple syrup delivered in galvanized steel drum: -0.25$ per pound

Impact of Brix degree on maple syrup payments

  • 63.5 ° to 65.699°– $0.10 per pound
  • 60.5° to 63.499°– $0.20 per pound
  • Less than 60.5°– $1.00 per pound
  • Over 69°– $0.50 per pound

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