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Top 10 Ways to Eat Maple Syrup



Maple Syrup on Pancakes

The old school classic, pancakes or crepes with maple syrup.  Best served with a huge pile of pancakes (at least 3), half melted butter and the whole lot drenched in maple syrup.


Maple Cream

Maple cream also known as maple butter or maple spread is solely made of pure maple syrup.  Spread it on your buttered toast or bagels for mouth decadence.


Maple Syrup on French Toast

Another classic, flavour your French toast with a hint of vanilla.  Don't forget to add the essential half melted butter before drowning everything in maple syrup.  Highway to heaven!



Maple Fudge

Maple Fudge is not that easy to make, but your efforts will be worth it.  Creamy, delicious on the palate, it melts in your mouth! Add some nuts for added excitement!


Maple Blondies

Maple Blondies are brownies without chocolate and added maple syrup, delicious and dirty, serve with ice cream for added pleasure and weight gain!


Maple Syrup Ice Cream

Walnut maple syrup ice cream, sweet corn maple syrup ice cream, bacon maple syrup ice cream, you name it.  There is endless possibility to spice up your maple ice cream for this summer.


Salmon Gravlax with Maple Syrup

Fresh salmon filet, no cooking, the salmon is cold-cured with the salt and the maple sugar.  Salmon Gravlax is innovative and fancy, you'll impress everyone and it will taste awesome!



Maple Syrup Shot Straight from the Bottle

For those who lack time to cook and suffer from maple craving: Grab the maple syrup bottle, remove the lid, bring to bottom lip, open mouth, toss your head backward and then... enjoy!


Maple Syrup on Snow

Straight out of popular culture, prepare a nice layer of snow, minimum 2 inches, on a table or large pan.  Warm maple syrup, without boiling it and pour it on the snow in a straight line.  Roll up using a wooden stick and voila, you have a maple syrup lollipop. 



Maple Syrup Coffee

Tired of the same old brew? Change your coffee sweetener for maple syrup.  A nice and subtle aroma for your morning coffee.


Maple Syrup on French toast