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Organic maple syrup

Organic Maple Syrup Forest

There is a difference between organic maple syrup and non-organic maple syrup. All of MapleSyrupWorld organic maple syrup is certified by EcoCert, an international agency that specialised in organic food.  Ecocert organic maple syrup certification guarantees the following:

Maple Forest Management

Healthy forest: The maple forest are inspected and managed by certified foresters to ensure the sustainable management of our forestland, promote tree health and biodiversity, and reduce erosion.

Respectful management practices of maple forest and their ecosystems. Development and maintenance focus on preserving the maple forest ecosystem and improving tree population vitality over the long term.

Species diversity is encouraged in the maple forest, in particular companion species to the sugar maple.

No pesticides, fertilizer or chemicals are used to manage the forest. It's healthy and it is clean.


The organic body verify and impose a limit on the number of taps in maple trees. This practice sustains the health of each of our maple tree. Though maple sugar tap holes are very small and don't harm the sugar maples at all, too many of them could add up. This rule is to make sure that the trees can stay healthy for a long time to come.

The tapping of maple trees at any other time than the maple season is forbidden.

Maple equipment

All the machinery, the tubes/buckets, and the bottling equipment are inspected as well as the soaps used to clean the equipment.

Evaporator pans are made of stainless steel and that's the only steel allowed, with special soldering

Maple Syrup Production

Sap sterilization prior to boiling is prohibited to avoid changing or denaturing the maple sap.

Only certified organic vegetable oil is used as anti-foaming agent when boiling the maple sap.

Maple Syrup filtration system is monitored and restricted as well as temporary container which might be used before the maple syrup is transferred into the specially designed barrels.


The certification ensures that all cleaning done after the sugaring season is done with certified product and washed with potable clean water during both cleaning and rinsing.

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Made in Canada

Canadian owned & operated maple farm

Our unique location in the Eastern Townships (Quebec) provides our maple orchards with the clean air and pure water necessary for out trees to produce the purest maple sap. Maple Syrup World Farm gives consumers what they want:

Canadian maple products authenticity.


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