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Maple Syrup Antioxidant research

Maple Syrup Study Finds 20 Disease-Fighting Antioxidants in Pure Maple Syrup

In a new study lead by the University of Rhode Island, Dr. Navindra Seeram discovered more than 20 compounds related to human health in maple syrup, 13 of which were revealed for the first time in maple syrup. “We already know the maple tree has strong antioxidant,” Seeram said. Several of these antioxidant compounds are also reported to have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-diabetic properties and are present in Maple Syrup. “People are increasingly interested in healthier food alternatives,” Seeram said.

Prior to the study, the industry was aware that Maple Syrup was full of natural minerals and vitamins, including zinc, manganese and calcium. The same antioxidant compounds were found in berries, this is an exciting advance because the population didn’t previously link a sweetener with healthy biological properties. “Today, Americans have great awareness in learning the health benefits of distinctive foods,” Seeram said.

When choosing syrup as a sweetener, it is healthier to use 100 percent pure maple syrup. A recent study established that 50 percent of Americans are unaware if the syrup they consume is real maple syrup or pancake syrup.

A healthful alternative to other sugars, pure maple syrup is a savoury staple for cooking and has various gastronomic uses past breakfast, from a touch of sweet in tea, drizzled over vegetables, or as a glaze for grilled poultry and fish.

Maple syrup is unique.  It is the single product in our food regiment that comes from a plant’s sap.  Throughout the years, many cultures have profited from its health benefits as a homeopathic medication for illnesses, including flu, stomach aches, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Maple syrup’s high levels of zinc and manganese can assist in heart health and in improving the immune system.

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