Best Healthy Natural Sweeteners

One the easiest way to a more natural and healthy balanced diet is to replace white over-processed sugar with a more natural sweeteners, we have listed the best options available to you.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is entirely made of natural sap from the maple sugar tree.  The tree produces sap during the late months of winter for a short period.  The sap is then heated to 7degrees Fahrenheit above boiling point to produce maple syrup.  Maple syrup is legendary in the cooking world as a healthy sweetener and substitute for refined sugar, especially for vegans and vegetarians.  Maple syrup health benefits are many.  It has one of the lowest glycemic indexes (GI) out of all sweeteners, contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is packed full of antioxidants which help prevent cancer and maple syrup contains high levels of phytohormone and abscisic acid. This type of acid is a natural defense in controlling diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.

Raw Honey

An entirely natural product, made by bees from the nectar of flowers, honey is renowned for being one of the best sweeteners available on the market.  It has many proprieties one of which is act as an antiseptic therapeutic agent and improves wound healing, burns, and ulcers when applied locally. Honey has a low GI and it contains carbohydrates and enzymes such as amylase which helps your body digest carbohydrates.  Remember that pasteurisation will kill the enzymes in the honey, so make sure that you use raw honey.

Dry dates

Dates are very sweet, full of fructose and are naturally rich in minerals.  Use them either mashed in a paste or in a liquid by adding water to the mashed version to sweeten your meals.  Dry dates are full of goodies and should definitely be considered as a healthy sweetener.  To lengthen their shelf life, squeeze a lemon or lime juice into the date paste to help keep it fresh.  Dry dates are a great source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and selenium, which are essential cofactors in many enzymatic reactions in the body and are essential to maintain proper metabolic processes of the body.

Evaporated Cane Juice

Evaporated cane juice comes from the same plant as white sugar. It is a non-refined form of cane sugar, you get the same glucose out of it but without all the chemical processing of white sugar.  As it is non-refined, evaporated cane juice contains small amounts of vitamin A, C, D , calcium, potassium and iron.  It is also known as Demerara and unrefined sugar.

Brown Rice Sugar

Brown rice syrup is made by breaking down cooked rice with a cocktail of enzymes.  The enzymes break down the starch in the rice and the result is boiled down to a white sweetened syrup half as sweet as refined sugar with a light touch of butterscotch flavour. Brown rice sugar is composed of complexes carbohydrates and it helps lower its GI.  Be careful in your cooking as brown rice sugar tends to make food harder and crispier. It is a good source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron.

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