7 Reasons to Choose Grade B Maple Syrup

Grade B Maple Syrup

They say roses are red and violets are purple,
sugar is sweet and so is maple surple.

  1. If you really need any more reasons besides the fact that it's addictively delicious, here 6 are more:
  2. Grade B maple syrup is the most minimally processed of the maple syrups, making it more nutrient-dense.
  3. It contains trace minerals brought up from deep below the mineral-rich soil through the maple tree's roots, unlike harmful, refined sugars.
  4. Manganese is found in maple syrup which aids enzyme and antioxidant (adios, free radicals) absorption, and ups your energy levels.  
  5. Zinc, also in maple syrup, supports immune systems, among many other things (this is a bullet-point post, folks.  We're not getting too in depth here).
  6. Maple syrup also contains calcium, and we have all heard of it's praises (aids metabolism, strengthens teeth and bones, helps regulate muscle and heart contractions...)
  7. Unlike grade A maple syrup, some believe it is safe to store grade B at room temperature, leaving more available space in your fridge (which is a big deal for me).
  8. (Yep, yer gettin' a bonus point.)  Are you trying to avoid corn syrup?  Then for heaven's sake, stop buying pancake and imitation syrup! That stuff really tans my hide.  When you can get a (in my outspokenly humble opinion) better-tasking, natural syrup, why on earth would you contaminate your pancakes with pretend, corn syrup-laden poo?  Yep, maple syrup is more expensive, but it's also more flavorful and you use waaaaaaay less than imitation syrup.  More concentrated, less use, lasts longer.  You can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

Article written by Katie Riddle.

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